No longer an orphan

Vanya’s family will soon be heading this way to claim their son as their own!

Wow! The power of prayer…and networking. God continues to amaze me…how He makes what SEEMS impossible actually possible. Many families stepped up to the plate and opened their hearts and their homes to this young boy. But once the reality hit that we needed to work quickly — changes in the adoption process here will force a temporary closing of adoptions, both international and national — very few families were already in process. Home studies, paperwork, translations, USCIS approval…all these things take time that we were afraid we didn’t have. Vanya could be transferred at any time … and depending on the location he would be impossible to adopt.

Oh, but dreams do come true.

Thanks to Adeye, a blogging mom with a HUGE heart for orphans, Vanya’s story hit the internet. Blogs, twitter, facebook. Thanks to the generosity of many, a fabulous giveaway on Adeye’s blog caused such a stir that over $15,000 was raised to help his family come get him quickly. Money needn’t be the deciding factor of whether one can adopt or not.

And thanks to Chris at Eli Project who walked the families through the steps needed to proceed. My prayer is that many families will now be ‘paper ready’ to adopt the child God has hand-picked for them. Whether in Ukraine or elsewhere.

To read more details of these final days, read Adeye’s latest post.

To God be the glory!


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