Missing road trips!

This picture (I think it might actually be a rubber stamp!) makes me grin. So many memories of wonderful road trips… Road trips are not something to look forward to in Ukraine — though some of the roads are actually quite good now. (Amazing what can be accomplished when the goal is set: Be ready to host Euro2012!!)

And, unfortunately, when we are in the States, we just don’t have time to take a pleasure road trip! Not that we don’t LOVE where we DO go…visiting friends all over the country. But we’re hurrying — flying here and there. And when we DO drive, it’s a rental. And it’s a business/pleasure trip. Not simply pleasure.

One exception: Driving to Cincinnati through the night with Salisbury family members to visit Milan’s great-grandmother. Talking, singing, laughing. Such fun!!

My crazy road-trippers know who they are! This post is for you.



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