Sunday guests

We noticed quite a few visitors in our church on Sunday morning. Actually that’s not too surprising for ANY church as we enter this holy week: many people attend church at Easter (and maybe Palm Sunday?!) and Christmas.

As usual, we introduced ourselves to those sitting in our immediate area. I noticed a woman and boy looking a bit lost and learned that she was in her final days of an adoption and looked forward to returning to Rhode Island. Adoptions take many weeks here in Ukraine…

Sitting right behind us was a stylish couple and I quickly introduced myself. They were only going to be in Kyiv for a couple of days, but we were interrupted before I could ask what actually brought them here.

After church Jim told me that two of our guests had been U.S. Senators here on official business. We wondered aloud what might have been their mission.

I just spotted this headline, and now know why they were here. Wonder how they made these evaluations.



  1. interesting!
    maybe one day you’ll see us visiting:)

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