Vanya needs you NOW!

We have come to a critical place in the adoption of Vanya. Though Adeye was not able to write specifics, we are now on the search for someone who is ready right now to come get him. Paperwork completed. Homestudy completed.

Read this post and then please, please, please repost everywhere!

And then stand with us in prayer for Vanya and his new family.

To God be the glory.



  1. Praying for sweet Vanya!

  2. Yikes…that avatar is a bit creep. I hope I don’t resemble that!

    And I have to tell you that seeing your books completed made me laugh…
    Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll)
    Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners (John Bunyan)
    These two next to each other grabbed my funny bone. 🙂

  3. Ha, ha, Chris. Have to read a variety of books, you know…hadn’t realized the order until you pointed it out.

    AND I agree that avator is a bit creepy…no you don’t look like that! IF you put your own picture, it WILL pick your own avatar.

  4. Is there any hope that the “rule” for home study-ready/ USCIS ready might be able to be bent for a Russian citizen who would be able to come within a matter of days?

  5. Hi, Carmen. Thanks so much for contacting me re Vanya. I will forward your question to Chris at the Eli Project…unless he knows the answer for sure right now, I doubt he will be able to answer before offices open again on Monday. Stay tuned!

  6. June Klaassen says:

    My heart has been deeply touched by sweet Vanya’s story. First, I ordered the book, “The Boy from Baby House 10,” and read it when it arrived on my doorstep. Reading that book helped me understand to a small degree how important it is that Vanya’s family finds him very soon. Second, my husband and I have three grandsons that were adopted from an Eastern European country, and I see each of their sweet faces, in my mind, looking out at me from Vanya’s picture and tears of thanksgiving flow because they are here in the United States, while tears also flow for sweet Vanya as I hold him up to our Father in prayer.

    • Thank you for praying for Vanya. I am thrilled for your grandsons, and thankful for their parents who did what it took to get them! (And thankful, also, for the fabulous job they are doing with the boys! I see pictures on fb from time to time…)

  7. My name is Lisa Hendrickson, we are working with a facilitator to adopt from Ukraine, are you able to recommend places to stay, churches and other Christian brothers and sisters that are in Ukraine to help with accomodations and such?

    • Hi, Lisa. I am so excited for you as you work through the process of adopting from here. Typically your facilitator will find you a place to stay…it will depend upon where your child is located within the country. And you don’t know that until you’re here…usually. Sometimes folks already know their children, particularly if they have special needs or if they had been part of a hosting program or the family had met the child while on a missions trip. Again, churches and Christian brothers and sisters will depend upon where in the country you are.

      While in Kyiv, a friend has a ministry to adopting couples and has a comfortable place for hosting couples on a short-term basis. Check it out and contact Karen directly if you’re interested:

      Do you have any idea when you will be traveling this way? Let’s stay in touch and I’ll try to be helpful where I can be!

      • Lisa Hendrickson says:

        We have just wrapped up our home study and will be sending off the I-600A form this week. We are adopting Julia who is 15 and are working with local officials to help us expedite the process. She turns 16 at the end of the year. I think she is in the Kirovorgrad oblast (spelling??). We are so ready to come and God is so amazing as he walks us through each step. I will certainly stay in touch and check out the site. Truth be told we are trying to save as much money as possible on this journey.

        my person email address is

        thank you for getting back with me so quickly

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