Road trip

Today is one of those days that I would have very much liked to be with my children. Daughters Anna and Jeanne were taking a short trip to the Philly airport to pick up a friend with a 24-hour layover. Georgia is actually on her way to Ukraine — to our flat, to be exact — and she wanted to take the opportunity to visit the kids and meet sweet Milan. Georgia was the chief designer for the decorations at Jeanne and Kolya’s wedding and reception…has it really been three years already?

In addition to a fun road trip — praying that Milan enjoys it as much as the girls — and getting to see a friend first met in Ukraine, upon their return to Salisbury they will walk into a baby shower given by our church there for daughter-in-law Dasha. Baby Boy Peipon is due next month.

This would have been the perfect day for me to tagalong.

(Oh, well. Much was accomplished on this side of the Pond: Newsletter completed. Language somewhat studied. Website progressing.)



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