Are you ready?

Repeating one of my often-expressed thoughts — first heard this at our missions conferences in Salisbury, Maryland: Christians should ALWAYS have a current passport. You just never know when or where you might be called…long term or short term…and you need to be ready to go! When God calls, you go!

Another thought: If you’re seriously considering international adoption, get going on the paperwork before you even know where you’re headed. Some of the paperwork is the same no matter which country you travel to. But you can save WEEKS of waiting, if you’re ‘paper ready’ to go. Since listing Vanya on Eli Project, many people have voiced an interest, but few are really ready! (I know, I know, the paperwork expires and it’s costly to update. Well, it’s not sooo costly to update home studies, for example. If your homestudy is current, an update may be a couple of hundred dollars. Money well spent. Weeks or months saved.) You just never know when God will use a photo to touch your heart and you’re ready in spirit, but can’t go! Ugh! Don’t let that happen to you.

So, those are my tips of the day. I know you didn’t ask. Just wanted you to know.

Image: Arvind Balaraman /



  1. I know where you can find some really special children, my friend.

  2. for sure! always praying about that option;)

  3. How do I find out what paperwork can be started now? How do I get paper ready?

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