Vanya is still waiting


Wow. The outpouring of love and support for Vanya is absolutely amazing. For some reason, the box showing the current money raised is stuck on my computer. But as of 10:00 this morning, less than two full days of support raising, Vanya already had $5400 in his account. All of the money goes to the expenses of travel, documents, EVERYTHING involved in the adoption process for this sweet young boy.

Please, please, please continue to spread the word: share on facebook, tweet and retweet, blog…however you can get the word to others. I’m convinced that we will know who the family is before the fundraiser ends…on the 13th. Read his full story here and join the giveaway!!

Pray, pray, pray. Pray for Vanya and others like him sitting in orphanages and institutions…waiting for someone to love them as a parent. Pray for the caregivers who are with these children…that they might show compassion as they care for the children. Pray for the parents who are in process of adoption…it’s an incredible emotional roller coaster. Pray for the judges who can say yes or no, for any reason.

Could YOU be one of the parents for whom we’ve been praying? Could Vanya actually be YOUR son one day? Visit Eli Project. Visit Project Hopeful. Pray for the children who are waiting.

And listen for His voice.


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