Mmmm. Rice cereal.


Love this little boy with all my heart. He even takes time out from eating rice cereal to give a sweet little acknowledgement to the camera. (Thanks, Amanda, for taking the pictures and posting them so quickly!)

Jeanne (the mama) has been extremely generous with her time with her little guy and rarely goes through a day without giving us at least one skype call. How precious to watch him taste new foods. To watch him try to crawl — oh, if could only get those feet behind him!

He may very well be walking by the next time I see him up close and personal — but we’ve had the pleasure to watch him grow up… even while living on the other side of the Pond.

Love, love, love him.



  1. Love Skype-though our connection isn’t always so great. But I am grateful that my DIL shares daily phone pics and a “cooing” video once in a while!

  2. So thankful that this new generation of grandparents has such technology to keep us current with the rapid growth in these first months.

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