Vanya’s dream WILL come true

My heart is incredibly full. Overflowing.

Another delightful day with some of my favorite children in the whole world — first teaching English to preschoolers and then just hanging out with hospitalized children who have AIDS. I love them all to pieces. They make me smile; I make them smile. It’s win-win.

And then I get home and I receive a phone call asking me to check out a certain blog post. Well, okay. I can do that. Who knows what it could be?!

Then I see his picture. Vanya. And the article about his dream of being chosen to be part of a family. I love that the word is out and others have fallen in love with this sweet face.

But, that’s not all! No, the author of the blog post is hosting a fundraiser to help the family who chooses Vanya! And, get this, she has over 100 items being offered as part of a raffle. You give any amount towards the expenses of this adoption, and you’re in! Good grief, any ONE of the prizes would be awesome. And blog about it. Or tweet. Or put it on facebook. Additional entries!!

I don’t know what to think. I’m overwhelmed. And so excited for Vanya.

Somewhere there is a family who is about to get blessed big time simply for being obedient to God’s call to pluck this little boy from an uncertain future and plop him into a loving home! With folks to call Mama and Papa. Who want HIM!

Read the full story of the author’s desire to give back for all she has received. And, for heaven’s sake, enter the “Dream Come True Giveaway” today!

May God work in the hearts of all of us to do what we can to rescue the children. If you’re not called to adopt, but you KNOW that you’ve been commanded to help the orphans, GIVE. Give financially. Help a family with child care when they’re away from home — whether on the adoption trip or simply sharing their quest. Provide some meals.

Get involved. Period.



  1. […] Vanya’s parents! Yes!! Mat and Kristen Fisher are here in our home. They arrived today from Richmond and have their appointment at the SDA tomorrow to request the official referral for Vanya. We are so excited both for them and for Vanya. His dream is soon to come true. And he doesn’t yet know it. […]

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