Interview with one of Gadhafi’s nurses

(Photo from linked article)

You just never know how Ukraine is going to be connected to world news. When one of Gadhafi’s private nurses returned to her native country of Ukraine, we only saw a few pictures of her at her parents’ place on the outskirts of Kyiv. I thought we might hear from her, but I have not seen anything locally.

Until this blog. I’m actually not sure whether the nurse quoted is the one from Kyiv or not. Until this article I hadn’t realized that he had at least two Ukrainian nurses.

Not much political insight, but this interview does expose a side of this man that I hadn’t known earlier.

Just wondering what you do with multiple gold watches. How many can you wear at once? And it’s not like you can sell one of them without the gift giver knowing about it…very unique watches!

Praying that this violence in Libya will come to an end. Soon.


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