I (heart) this new look

I regularly check out new looks for my blog. And I have used several different ones over the years.

But what a surprise to find THIS one…already with hearts! Clean. Fresh.

And begging to be the new look of “The Heart of the Matter.” I have much to do to get it exactly how I’d like it — but I am up to the challenge. I think.

Let me know what you think about this!

(I really really like it. Just sayin’.)

Things may change up a little — sidebars…one or two? Right? Left? Both?

Additional pages to feature my sweet little HIV+ children needing families.

Oh, endless possibilities.


  1. I like it! It’s spring. . . time for a new look! (For you, anyway. . . It’s going into fall here and I’m not updating anything right now!

  2. I forget how much work it takes to get all the information where I want it again! This could take me awhile. Glad you like it.

    So, TulipGirl, what kind of temperatures are you foreseeing in your area? How cold does it actually get?

  3. akismet-bb5d6298dc91606e36b3e897bef4041d says:

    Love it! It says SPRING to me too! And I LOVE Spring!! Spring in Ukraine is beautiful. I wish I was there to enjoy it!

  4. akismet-bb5d6298dc91606e36b3e897bef4041d says:

    Well that’s a weird user name it gave me… it’s Chris Malone.

  5. Chris Malone says:

    Can you skype tomorrow? Or if you will email your phone number, I’d rather call you on the phone. Skype doesn’t really work well for me… 🙂

  6. giiiiiirl! i love it too! it suits you and your theme-love-simple, stylish, sweet.

  7. Love the background… cute but not overdone and a very good way to say hello to spring (now that it is finally start to look and feel like it)

  8. Chris…you’ll be here in a couple of months, right? Seems I heard that you were leading a team SOMEWHERE over here. Hope we can get some moments together!

    Hannah…thanks for the feedback. Love you.

    Stephanie…you’re here in Kyiv? Seems like we SHOULD find each other, right?

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