Natasha visits hospital

One of my greatest privileges here is to spend time with hospitalized children. Many of these children will end up in an orphanage…for any number of reasons.

The statistics for children on the street after leaving orphanages are more than disturbing — many turn to life of crime or prostitution, some commit suicide.

So what a treat for me to meet a young girl from Odessa who lived in an orphanage for much of her young life. She was recently adopted by a family in Mississippi — we met this family through friends on facebook and stayed in touch through their process. Dad left the country early to get back to work and we hosted him here for a couple of nights. He visited the hospital with me and found himself drawn to one special baby.

Fast forward to Mom and daughter passing through Kyiv. They stayed with a friend in the neighborhood and also joined me at the hospital one Friday.

Natasha adored taking care of a baby. Confidently holding the little one, the baby drifted off to sleep in her arms.

She also had the opportunity to feed her new charge. This was a first for Natasha and she did so very well. A natural little mommy.

Before leaving the hospital, Natasha took a few more minutes to entertain the baby in her bed. She said that she would love to be able to take the baby home.

When I told her that her Dad had also fallen for this young patient, her eyes lit up…as did her Mom’s.

Who knows where this visit may lead? I’m just thankful to see one beautiful young girl rescued from a life soon to be on the streets. And to watch her blossom as she was able to give of herself to another who needs love and attention.


Thanks, Natasha, for helping me out. Thanks, Ashley and JC, for rescuing Natasha.

May God continue to knit your family together.


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