Pizza delivery

It really is convenient and quite wonderful that we have Domino’s so close to our flat. Today as we were walking from the bus stop (via the market and the chocolate store) to home our guests asked if they could treat us to pizza tonight. Delivered to the flat. All of us were tired after a full day of notary/SDA appointments and visits to children both at the community center and a hospital.

Tomorrow our guests head out bright and early to go to the region of Ukraine where their daughter lives. Of course, the daughter doesn’t know they’re coming. In fact, she’s totally unaware that she even NEEDS parents. But they will be there, nevertheless. Only trouble is when couples get out of the major cities, there are less of the conveniences available.

And who knows if there’s a good pizza parlor in that town? And if our guests have a hankering for pizza while still here, then far be it from us to turn them down!

Yummy. Filling. We live so close that the pizza is still hot! And we even have leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch.

Life is good.



  1. So does the Dominos make the pizza American-style or Ukrainian style? It took us a while to get used to Ukrainian pizza, but we grew to LOVE it…especially the corn topping! yum! (but not so much the mayonnaise & ketchup…)

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