Plan B: punt

A group from our church was responsible for the puppet show today at Okmatdet, the National Children’s Hospital. We’re trying to do something special on the last Saturday of each month.

Jim and I arrived first so that we could help put up the world’s most awesome puppet stage (a gift designed by Huntsville engineers last summer). Pam and two of her boys planned to be puppeteers. We were meeting a couple from Florida and their 15-year-old daughter who are in Ukraine to adopt two sisters from southeastern Ukraine. All seemed well.

BUT, the hospital didn’t know that we were coming. And they had scheduled ANOTHER group to be there an hour after what we thought was our scheduled time. Hmmm. We could not BOTH perform, and we were officially bumped.

Krash and friend

So what do you do in that situation? Well, punt, of course. We certainly could visit with the children for the next hour and a half until showtime. Which we did. Which was great.

These children and their parents are so thankful for the visits. Not only are the children stimulated but the caregivers get a few moments of much-needed rest. It is not an easy task living at the hospital for weeks on end with a child who needs constant attention.

We played toss and soccer…both with a ball the size of a ping pong ball. Pam and boys taught a few how to kick their slippers off in unison…don’t tell the staff.

And Krash entertained through glass doors and windows…moving from one to another and having children follow his every move.

Pam and boys needed to leave when the show started. But our visiting-family friends along with Jim and me stayed for the show. And it was quite amazing. Very creative costumes. Lots of interaction with the children. Songs. Relay races. Fun, fun, fun.

We may do our show next week instead. Quite simple in comparison. But offered with love and laughter. And a clear gospel message.

Let the fun continue!



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