Wayne and Susie

Four o’clock will come oh too soon in the morning. And that’s the time that our house guests will be loading up the taxi and heading to the airport. After a month of traveling and teaching biblical counseling in various countries, I’m sure that they will be glad to return to the States, if only for a short while. There’s nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed.

This is a typical shot of them when they did finally get a big of down time: talking with friends around the world and family in the States via skype. We met several of their five children through these calls and must say that they have a wonderful family! Loved hearing the sisters all giggling with each other in a hospital room in Kentucky!

Praying for uneventful travel.



  1. Thalia Caraballo says:

    My name is Thalia, my church is having a missionary service on Saturday, to open the eyes of our church that there are people all over the world doing Gods work, and that it’s all for a unified cause, bring people to Jesus, the majority of our church is Mexican, but there all alot of other South American members in our congregation. My question was, did you guys have any prayer request, though alot of our people can not give monetary donations, we want to show them that there are other ways to help with missionaries, our prayers have just as much or more value than money. I love following your blog, since I ran into it a while back I have been following it. May God bless you guys and what your doing, you are truly an inspiration to people like me. May the Glory of God be with you in every journey you take.

  2. (Check your email, Thalia.)

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