The Spusk

Or, I should say, the Uzviz. Andrievskiy Uzviz. The shopping street.

Visitors with any time at all on their hands love to shop on this street. Our flat is only a few blocks from the foot of this incline so we get our exercise — and preview of all that’s available — by starting at the bottom of the street and walking up and then down.

Tuesday looked like the only day that our house guests had some free time that coincided with a block of time that I had free. And, to make things better, Jim had an appointment away from the flat and so we kidnapped his assistant Anatoly to do some true Ukrainian bartering.

Turns out that Susie is quite capable of bartering on her own.

She found some uniquely Ukrainian jewelry hand-painted by the vendor on the street. And because of buying quite a few items from the same vendor she was able to knock off a fair amount from the price.

I went around behind the booth and snapped a picture while Susie was choosing some lovely black lacquer barrettes. And our sweet buyer added some charming hand-painted earrings as a gift for…ME! (I wore them the rest of the day!)

A successful day of souvenir shopping. And next? The chocolate outlet, of course!!


  1. what a fun outing! and chocolate outlet…what on earth? sign me up for the next trip! 😉

  2. Come on over! What a treat it would be to take you around Kyiv!

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