A place of healing

A Place of Healing: Wrestling with the mysteries of suffering, pain, and God’s sovereignty.

An amazing book by Joni Eareckson Tada.

From the back cover: “Joni Eareckson Tada takes you on a very personal, intimate journey back to foundational questions about healing, suffering, and hope. Whether you are enduring physical pain, financial loss, or relational grief, Joni invites you to process your suffering along with her.”

Jim and I are over halfway through the book and I could have quoted SOMETHING from this book every single day. Most of us know her story…a diving accident over 40 years ago left her a quadriplegic. She is a renowned speaker and writer and travels the world to encourage the wheelchair-bound and others with disabilities. But, she says, quadriplegia is simply her life now. It’s nothing new. She’s quite used to it.

Now she is facing a new battle: chronic, unrelenting pain. Add that to quadriplegia and you have a real challenge. She can’t take pain medicine on her own, she can’t shift positions to become more comfortable. She no longer sleeps through the night, but instead has to wake her husband to roll her onto her side.

So here is a woman who is in the midst of the storm and is writing a book that encourages all of us to look past our own circumstances. Look up. She has made us laugh and she has made me cry. And she has made us think. Rethink. And think again.

Chapter titles include: God and Healing: What’s the Real Question?
What benefit is there to my pain?
How can I go on like this?
How can I bring Him glory?
How do I regain my perspective?

I strongly encourage you to pick up a copy of this book and read it. Your faith will be strengthened.



  1. oh, i really love her!! i’ll be picking up a copy asap! xo

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