Sale of alcohol and cigarettes banned from kiosks

I must say that this is quite contrary to anything I would have ever thought possible, particularly here in Kyiv.

Unless this decision is overturned it appears that alcohol and cigarette sales will no longer be allowed in the myriad of kiosks on the streets and underground near the metro stations.

Naturally, the entrepreneurs (?!) are protesting this, and I will keep my eyes open on April 1 to see if changes are actually made!

Read the whole article here.



  1. Does anyone know what the rationale is behind this?

  2. My initial thoughts are for health reasons, particularly regarding the youth. Alcohol and cigarettes are EVERYWHERE. Maybe fewer suppliers will reduce the numbers becoming addicted.

  3. This also could be related to the 2012 Football tournament. Keeping alcohol off the streets may make crowd control easier.

  4. wow, impressive….. hope it sticks

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