Last Saturdays

A couple of churches are joining forces on the last Saturday of each month to provide some special entertainment for the inpatients on the AIDS ward at the National Children’s Hospital.

In March, our church was responsible for some of the music. Heh. Missionary friend Pam introduced a fun song to everyone called “A-tooti-ta.” I think we first learned this active song from friends visiting a Sunday school class for orphans years ago. Leave it to Pam to not forget it. She asked if I would help lead this classy little number. Of course! The children love to watch adults being silly.

I particularly enjoyed this morning because I was not responsible for anything except to sit with my little friends. I loved just being with them.

The art project involved creating 2-toned hearts from pipe cleaners. Jim and I were sitting on either side of Alina and helped her form the shape. She was quite pleased with the results. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise when she placed it on her wrist and then put her hand on Jim’s.

These patients are so thankful for a break in their daily routines. I continue to visit each week for rousing games of BINGO and Color Dominoes, but these last Saturdays add something special. Please mark your calendars and pray for these visits. May God be glorified!


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