Happiness statistics in Ukraine

I was going to link to this article and then I realized how short the article is:

Over 60 percent of Ukrainian consider themselves more or less happy people
These are the results of a survey conducted by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology.According to sociologists, the level of their happiness is measured by Ukrainians primarily by the level of welfare.

People who can afford to buy all they wish feel 100 percent happy. Whereas most unhappy are women above 70 years of age. These are national features of the Ukrainian happiness as discribed by deputy general director of “Ukraine Today” company Natalia Ischenko.

Why do I have trouble with these statistics? OVER 60% of Ukrainians consider themselves happy. Anyone know the statistics for percentage of alcoholics in Ukraine? Do they drink because they’re so happy? We run into these folks every single day from sunrise on.

And what’s up with the sentence that “People who can afford to buy all they wish feel 100 percent happy.” 100%?? THINGS make you 100% happy. And, by the way, who can actually afford to buy all they wish? Don’t you just wish you could have one more thing? When do you have enough?

And I love this one: Most unhappy are women over 70. Why? Though I haven’t quite reached 70 yet, what a blessing to grow older and witness the next generations as they begin this journey called life on earth.

These statistics certainly show us a Ukraine without eternal hope…happiness is dependent on things and as one ages … well, one becomes less and less happy.

What different responses I hear from the elderly in our church when asked if they need anything: Clutching a Bible and looking around bare flats, they smile and say that they have everything that they need. (These are primarily women over 70.)

(To see original site, click here.)


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