Six months old

Can you believe this little character is already six months old?

Love, love, love him.

Nothing else to say.


  1. This is suuuuuch an adorable picture! He is a real cutie. And he looked so sharp wearing that shirt in church.

    Love your new ‘look’ by the way!

  2. He’s adorable!! He must take after his grandmother:)

  3. HOORAY for Milan!
    i get to meet him in a few months!

  4. Doesn’t he just make all of you smile?

    Thanks, Dasha.

    Elaine, many folks in Salisbury think he looks like his grandfather.

    Hannah…hoping to overlap a day or two with you in Salisbury. No tickets purchased yet.

  5. I love his smile! (And appropriate shirt:-) I know you miss him! Hope you can get back soon to love on your grandson and soon-to-be-here cousin:-)!

  6. (i would DIE with excitement to see y’all!)

  7. We’re shooting for the end of July/early August, but no tickets have been purchased. Might work the nursery for VBS!! Heh!

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