International Women’s Day is a huge holiday here…as I posted on March 8…

So Jim and I took tulips and chocolate as a surprise to the staff, patients, moms, grandmothers…whoever might be there…at the HIV/AIDS unit at the National Children’s Hospital. Oh my goodness…the faces of all who received such a simple gift were amazing.

I have often prayed for these precious children — some are orphans and some are not — and for their caregivers. I have also prayed for the family member who is actually living at this hospital with a child. But until last week, for whatever reason, I hadn’t really considered the remaining family members wherever they may be.

Last week as I played BINGO with one of my sweet little friends she mentioned that her sister’s birthday was that very day. 22. And my heart broke. The mom is currently taking care of the sister on a 24/7 basis in Kyiv. And the rest of her family is trying to live life as normally as possible hundreds of kilometers away. How hard must that be for this dear mom?

She is a key reason that we took tulips to the hospital. Who else was going to remember her with flowers and/or chocolate? It’s not like floral delivery is a normal happening here.

Anyway, all this to ask you to please remember these precious families separated from each other because of serious illness. Please pray for them…that God might reveal Himself to each of them and that they might realize that He has not forgotten them.

I love these families. And though my heart aches from time to time when I realize that I’m missing important days in the lives of my own family, I don’t have the added stress of hospital living and caring for a seriously-ill child.

Lord, comfort them. Encourage them. Reveal your glory to them.



  1. perfect surprise! y’all are such precious instruments of HIM!
    they are NOT forgotten! praying praying! xo

    Psalm 72:13 NLT
    He feels pity for the weak and the needy, and he will rescue them.

  2. thanks, Hannah. I just know that one of these days I’m going to see your smiling face over here hugging and loving on these children!


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