Pacific tsunami

Unbelievable live coverage of the tsunami as it struck Japan. And, of course, the iReports are being featured on CNNInternational…those videos typically shot by amateurs on their phones. People who happened to be in the wrong place as disaster crashed in around them, but survived to tell the tale and show the video. Actually quite interesting to listen to ones living there.

Especially liked listening to the American man married to a Japanese woman and they have lived in Japan for nine years. He was quite panicked by the strength and length of the earthquake, and described himself as running around like a chicken with its head cut off. His wife, on the other hand, having grown up in this earthquake-proned area was quite calm. Things she learned growing up: Open doors and windows so that they don’t get stuck shut. Bring the shoes in from outside in case there’s broken glass so that you can protect your feet. Smart, eh?

And now as we watch the tsunami pass the Hawaiian islands and continue on its path to southern California and Central/South America, I am overwhelmed by the power unleashed. Aftershocks continue to rattle Japan — aftershocks of such a magnitude that they would be called earthquakes (and not aftershocks) if they hadn’t just experienced the highest magnitude earthquake in that area in a century.

Fascinating to learn about disaster architecture: especially the engineering involved to design buildings that can withstand earthquakes. (Tsunami-proof is another situation altogether, obviously.)

Praying for the families devastated by this event. May God draw people to Himself through this disaster.


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