Я хочу розмовляти українською

Yes, I really do want to speak Ukrainian. And so I press on with my language lessons and look for opportunities to speak. What I really need, I think, is to hear Ukrainians speaking to each other in Ukrainian. Trouble is that many folks are speaking Russian. Or a combination of Russian and Ukrainian.

Thankfully for me, I have a very patient language instructor. Being the spoiled person that I am, she actually comes to ME twice a week. Jim brews up some fresh coffee and we frequently have some sort of snack. It makes for a bit more relaxed 2-hour lesson, but the intensity is still there. I find that I’m more likely to chat in Ukrainian in this setting than in a formal classroom.

I’ve been quite thankful for a couple of friends who join me for lessons now and then. I love the attempts at interaction that WE have while we have Tatijana nearby to correct those pesky grammar errors.

Another great plus for these private lessons is that Tatijana designs the lessons specifically to MY needs. Vocabulary suited to work with children. Specific vocabulary to speak of health issues. True Ukrainian. Not heavy on slang. I really appreciate her approach.

Just for the record, if you’re looking for a language teacher, I would highly recommend Tatijana. She teaches both Ukrainian and Russian and also speaks English…which is helpful when you have a specific question that you can’t yet ask in your new language.

Send her an e-mail if you’re interested in more information. Rumor has it that she has some openings in her schedule — but I wouldn’t expect that they’d be open for too long. She has a very loyal following who spreads the good word about her instruction!



  1. wow-you are spoiled;)
    best wishes on honing your ukrainian language skills!

  2. I need a bit more than honing…hahaha. But I am finding that I are do understand more and more. Oi!

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