Coalition for children at risk

The coalition for children at risk met this morning at our apartment. And what a great meeting it was! I don’t remember when we last had such an informative group of speakers combined with representatives from ministries that were excited to learn new information.

Fourteen people gathered here and we briefly shared about each of the ministries represented. We all know each other for the most part, so this wasn’t really a time to promote our work as much as it was specifically a time to learn how to best pray for each ministry. Wow! I love the idea of ministries praying for each other!!

And our major prayer request for help in one area already has three leads! Now THAT’S a quick answer to prayer.

We learned that the Ukrainian government has tabled once again a vote on whether to adopt the Hague Convention standards for international adoption. They did recently ratify the European Convention…which has a couple of troublesome aspects.

A proposed moratorium on foreign adoptions has passed the first of three levels and will probably pass, though no sense of how quickly. If the Hague proposal passes there would be no need for a moratorium…because consistent standards would then be in place. We wait with the 30,000 children on the waiting list to learn what the government decides to do.

Orphan Sunday is being proposed here to coincide with the American date. Mentoring programs are up and running and leaders from here spent time in America at the 2011 National Mentoring Summit. It was an encouraging time as well as quite inspiring. The Ukrainian workers felt strongly that they are on the right course and are actively looking for additional mentors.

And there is also some brainstorming taking place to see how we can take advantage of Euro 2012 taking place here in Ukraine (and co-hosted by Poland). I’ll keep you posted when we have some concrete plans so that we can involve orphanages throughout Ukraine. And if you have any brainstorms of your own? Well, let me know and I’ll pass on your suggestions!!

I’m excited to be part of such an active organization. The networking and encouragement that took place AFTER the meeting was wonderful! Please keep this group in your prayers.

And while you’re praying, pray for those who are working day in and day out with all of these children. 24/7. Often challenging, frustrating and exhausting, this work stretches all of the workers. Many love their work and are totally committed to the children but it’s hard. And rarely are they thanked for their ongoing efforts.


  1. praying.
    and THANK YOU from me-i know even much loved work can be wearisome. xoxo

  2. I’ll pass on your thanks to MANY!

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