International Women’s Day

Here in Ukraine we are at the end of a 4-day weekend…and today marks International Women’s Day. It’s interesting to me that this is a national holiday and everyone gets an official day off, but because it fell on a Tuesday many people were able to also take off Monday and therefore create a long weekend. (In the States, we’d simply change the name and celebrate it on whatever is the closest Monday…like President’s Day instead of Lincoln’s birthday or Washington’s birthday.) Of course, the trade-off for this long weekend is that the workers are expected to work on Saturday this week. I’m really not sure that I’d go for that plan.

It seems that this day began as a revolt against the abuse of women particularly in the workplace. Then a day to demonstrate for rights to vote or whatever. Equal rights with men.

I went online to try to research the beginning of this holiday and I was surprised to see so many confident listings of the origins. It started in NYC, it started in the U.S.S.R, it started in Austria, it was first proclaimed a holiday in Finland. I honestly don’t know which is correct.

I do know that it’s a BIG holiday here in Ukraine. Men are expected to buy presents, flowers, chocolate and celebrate with champagne. They are to recognize not just mothers, wives, or children, but any woman who has impacted their lives. So teachers, caregivers, EVERYONE should receive recognition from the men around them.

Yesterday I received tulips from two gentlemen. My favorite flower, by the way. And chocolate. And a blooming plant last week. And today Jim and I are going out to eat…not sure whether it will be lunch or dinner. I just know WHERE it will be — a local restaurant here in Podil.

So, to all you special women — um, that means ALL of you reading this — may you enjoy a wonderful day today! May you reflect on God’s goodness and how He has used you to influence others. May you even ask Him for more opportunities to be used by Him over this next year.



  1. Hooray! happy women’s day! xo

  2. It was a great day, Hannah. thanks!

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