Sunday in Kyiv. Well, this morning as I was refilling my mug of coffee before heading to church, I looked out the kitchen window and was so surprised to see snow falling. Just a few flakes, but snow nonetheless.

After a shower, I looked again and the snow was falling much faster, though very very fine. It wasn’t sticking as far as I could tell.

So, when I prepared to head outside for the commute to church (short walk to the metro, ride two stops, switch trains, ride two stops, exit to street and walk several long blocks), I surmised that it must be colder than it looked. It was so bright outside!

Coat. Gloves. Scarf securely fastened around my neck and inside the coat. No hat, though. It’s got to be really cold for me to remember a hat.

And we were off. Goodness gracious! It felt WARM. The snow was nowhere to be seen. The sky was blue. But, the wind told the story. It is still winter here. Bright, but still winter.

We enjoyed sweet fellowship with the saints at our monthly Communion service. Even saw Ron Harris who is in town from Canada.

And then we returned home. (See route above…just put it in reverse.) Fixed a quick lunch and then Jim and I walked to a local cafeteria and compared calendars over a nice cup of cappuccino. We had a window table on the third floor but rarely looked out! We were engrossed in plans for the next several months. (We have much to do before we can take a short break to meet our second grandson due in late May. We hope to meet him by summer’s end — MAYBE in mid-summer. Rumor has it that dear friends will also be in Salisbury at that time. How fun would THAT be?!)

It’s wonderful being married to a man with a plan. It’s so fun to think about what might take place down the road…and what we can do right now to help move things along! I love creative networking — why reinvent the wheel? And I love Jim’s heart for the medical workers of Ukraine. I also love his heart for my HIV+ little ones. We have some mighty big plans for some of these children! Oh, that our plan might fall in line with God’s plan!

All in all, a quite wonderful Sunday. May His glorious Name be praised!

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