What’s that nursery rhyme about the cupboards being bare? Well, that’s what comes to mind when I think about our kitchen.

Not the shelves and fridge are EVER full. When we shop, the overriding rule is that we can’t buy more than we can carry. Fortunately our local grocery store is only three blocks away. (That sounds really close unless YOU’RE the one walking in the rain or against a freezing wind.) And the bags seem to get heavier as we walk.

Typically Jim makes several quick runs to the store in any given week and returns with necessities for the next several meals — and cream for the morning coffee. Sometimes he even needs a second bag.

But it’s been a long time since we’ve done a four-bagger trip. The bags aren’t full to the brim because of the weight inside each one. Milk. Cream. Fruit. Those were the weightiest items today. Oh, and potatoes, carrots and celery for the soup tomorrow night. The laundry detergent was carried separately.

We should be good for a couple of days.



  1. why is it that the bags get heavier with each step?
    we prefer to make more small trips to the grocery than a big weekly one. we don’t have to walk though!! not sure i could here! yikes!


  2. Is it sad to say I miss that? And the dad that WOULD make those runs… even all over the city to try and find chicken?

  3. You don’t have any children with you to carry two or three bags at a time…

  4. Hannah…you would do it if it were the only choice! You get things done!!

    Jeanne…you have an amazing father who serves his family in not just the big things but also the little ones. That WAS a crazy day when he had to take the metro to several stores to finally get enough chicken to prepare it for company! Craziness!

    Anna…you KNOW that I miss having you all here. I remember when we ALL put on backpacks and rode the metro a bazillion stops or so just to get the groceries for a few days…Thankful for a more convenient store and fewer mouths to regularly feed! (Though I’d take y’all back in a heartbeat!)

  5. Jeanne… It is so nice to know you remember me chasing down chicken in Kiev.

    Anna… I know all of my children would gladly help anytime carry groceries.

    Love you all and you too Hannah

  6. Having a car definitely has its advantages… It takes suuuuuch a long time to run a few simple errands if you have to take the metro everywhere.

    But I do miss being able to walk anywhere I want – of course, if it’s a pleasant walk, not a ‘grocery-carrying-camel-walk’ (((:

  7. Walks are wonderful, I agree. And cars can make basic life so much easier. It is nice to actually appreciate the best of both worlds!

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