From time to time, we need to find workers to substitute for our two ladies who work with the HIV+ children at a local hospital. This past Friday we had such a situation and we began to put the word out that we were looking.

We asked for suggestions from a pastor or two and we asked other missionaries if they might know of someone who would want to spend a whole day with these children. We’re never sure until the actual day just exactly how many children and their ages.

What a surprise — and a compliment to the work of our ladies, I might add — to find that the former head nurse of this unit wanted to be there! Irina and I drank many a cup of tea in her office and talked about these children and how best to help them. She truly wanted to do whatever she could do for these children. She left her position when she married and became pregnant. She is now the proud mother of a 2-1/2 year old daughter.

In the meanwhile UMO became responsible for the non-medical care of the children in this particular room and Irina obviously heard good things about what was happening there. She jumped at the chance to put in a day’s work.

We’re excited to see her again! Thanks for helping out, Irina!!



  1. how sweet!

    (hoping one day WE can help with those kids too!)

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