JC meets Luba

I spent my afternoon, as usual, visiting children at the infectious diseases unit of a city hospital. Our special room is the one where they place children born to HIV+ moms who are not sure whether they want to keep their children or not. The children are being treated to help reduce the odds that the disease will be passed on to them.

Besides these little ones, this room is also where they place HIV+ orphans who have a secondary illness — cold, cough, whatever.

Typically I feed, hug, kiss, talk to, dance with the precious ones we find there.

Our house guests are always invited to accompany me and join in the fun! So today I had the pleasure of introducing JC to two special little girls. A father of soon-to-be FIVE, he is a natural…not to mention that he is a good sport wearing our most masculine(?!) of nurse smocks.

Any takers for a hospital visit?



  1. Yes, ME! I was devastated when I visited you and couldn’t go to the hospital 😦 Please take lots of pictures of ‘your’ babies. People are adopting children from the orphanage they are sent to and I’m sure they would appreciate having newborn pics of their children.

  2. Snuggling babies?! I’m ALWAYS game for that! Getting to snuggle babies in Ukraine?! Even better!

    How exactly does one go about getting to do such a thing?


    PS– I ordered “The Boy From Baby House 10”. Just waiting for it to come in the mail.

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