The Jesus Storybook Bible

We are thrilled that friends here in Ukraine have procured the rights to translate, illustrate and publish The Jesus Storybook Bible! If you haven’t yet read this wonderful children’s Bible, I’d suggest you treat yourself to a copy. I love the fact that it’s not just a collection of Bible stories, but it’s a continuous story from beginning to end with Jesus’ name whispered on every page. Just like a real Bible!

LOVE the illustrations!

The Jesus Storybook Bible online site offers more information about the author (Sally Lloyd-Jones) and the illustrator (Jago) and even offers free downloads of selected segments…PDF and MP3. Click here to take advantage of the offer. I’m convinced that once you become acquainted with this Bible, you’ll be ordering one for yourself and several more as gifts!!



  1. LOVE the Jesus Storybook Bible. I have bought it for many friends’ kids. I, too, love that “every story whispers His name.” How great that it is being translated into Ukrainian!!!

  2. Hi, I’m Jago, the illustrator and I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for your kind words about my illustrations. How exciting that there’s going to be a Ukrainian version!

  3. praise jesus!
    we A D O R E the jesus storybook bible, an everyday read(on our second time through since november!)

  4. First it will be translated into Russian and THEN into Ukrainian. We have given this Bible to SOOOO many friends with young children…One of our friends orders them by the case when they’re on sale so that she can give them away. Simply the best! Vicky: Glad you agree!!

    Thank you for even LOOKING at my blog, Jago. Truly love the illustrations and they hold the attention of pre-schoolers even while my words (summarizing the story) are translated into Ukrainian. That says something about the pictures. It can get old waiting for the translation — which is why I can’t read it verbatim to these little ones. Yet.

    And, Hannah, thanks for your part in making this happen!!

  5. Hi, this is Sally, the author of JSB–and wanted to just join in and say this is simply fantastic news–thank you for all your efforts in getting the book into Russian and Ukranian!!

  6. Sally, thank you so much for your writing! Not just this particular one but the others as well. What a gift!

  7. thank you–I am grateful to friends like you, too who are so encouraging and supportive–without you doing what you do, I couldn’t be doing what I do!
    : ]

  8. I’m thrilled that this is going to be in Russian AND Ukrainian! How exciting!! Do you have any idea when they’re planning to publish? I’ve got a friend who is due with her first baby boy next month, and I’d love to get them a copy…

  9. Oops….I forgot to check the notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail box… 😀

  10. I believe the goal is to publish in Russian this spring 2011! Hopefully the Ukrainian would be completed by the end of the year. We’ll see!! Pray for no glitches along the way.

  11. jamiehejl says:

    Dear Marianna, Would be able to help me find the current contact information for ordering more of the Jesus Storybook Bible? Previously we purchased them from Chernigov and Chris Malone has advised me that there is new contact information. Thank You. Jamie Hejl

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