How to read a magazine

I was browsing around some of my favorite blogs today — thankful for google reader — and came across this article about the new schoolroom, about eye clutter, etc. I typically smile when I read the posts on this blog…not that I know the author REALLY, but I have become acquainted with her by her writings. And how can you NOT love a blog called Oh My Stinkin Heck?

Well, at the end of her post, almost as an aside, she gave her simple approach to reading a magazine. Now there are SOME magazines that I will just have to keep altogether. But for MANY magazines, this is a brilliant suggestion:

Another way I cut clutter is the way I “read” my magazines. First, I remove all loose subscription cards and place them in the recycle bin. Then, as I read each new page I tear it off and place it in one of three stacks:

1. The recycle bin stack.
2. The design, color or lay-out inspiration stack.
3. The “try this recipe” stack.

The pages are immediately recycled or slipped into plastic page protectors and clipped into my Inspiration or Recipe binders.

At any given time I know exactly where I am in a magazine–whatever page shows on top is where I left off. It also explains why Emelie requests to read all my new magazines before I get to them. If she doesn’t, there won’t be a magazine left to read. In the end I get everything I want from the magazine, without any of the unnecessary clutter.

Love it.


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