HIV patients out of drugs

I’m not exactly sure why I’m reading this first from a newspaper in Connecticut, but you just never know where you’re going to discover tidbits about Ukraine. This is a bit more than a tidbit, though.

Apparently, there is corruption in the government. Wow, never knew that. And money falls into the wrong hands on a regular basis. Really?

But the lack of confidence that money will go to where it’s supposed to go may cause many HIV+ projects to lose some of the largest supporters and donors to HIV-related work in Ukraine. Which, of course, always ends up hurting the people depending on their funded drug treatments. And which ones can say the least about their situation? Well, the children, of course.

Corruption by the government and harassment by the government. Not a good thing.

I would love to think that the government might actually change under the leadership of a convicted felon, but that doesn’t seem too very likely. So I pray for creative alternative routes of getting the much-needed funds for the life-saving drugs to the vulnerable stigmatized patients.

By the way, had a GREAT time visiting my young HIV+ inpatient friends today.

Love them.



  1. Hello 🙂 I just found your blog and think I need to grab a cup of coffee and make myself comfortable 🙂 Great stuff… Anyway, My husband and I are in the process of adopting an hiv+ little girl from Ukraine….we hope to travel this summer…. I have read an article or two about this issue of medication and it is so sad. Is there a chance that orphans would be low on the priority list for obtaining the medication? I can’t help but wonder where this little girl fits in to all this…..
    Praising God for people like you,

  2. Glad you found me…and hope you continue to find my blog somewhat interesting! Do you know where your little girl is in Ukraine? We have not heard of anyone that we personally know who has been denied medication, so that’s good news.

    We consider it a real privilege to be here and spend time with these sweet children. And we are always thrilled when we know that they are being placed in forever families. You all are our heroes!

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