USA from a Ukrainian’s perspective

I am super-excited that our daughter-in-law has started posting on her blog again! Dasha is a talented writer — published both in Ukraine and the U.S. Her blog will be giving her perspective on life in the good ol’ US of A.

Jamie and Dasha moved to the U.S. after they had been married about three years, and have lived there for two years already! Hard to believe! Dasha was working full-time initially so it’s not surprising that her blog posts had to go. Work and adjustment to a new country…and encouraging a musician husband…took time and energy.


BUT, she is now anticipating the birth of a little boy (our SECOND grandson…have I mentioned that we have a darling little grandson who will be five months old tomorrow? Oh, I have? Excuse me for repeating myself…but expect additional repetitions suddenly showing up in posts!). I’m not only excited for this new little life being knit together inside her, but I am also excited that these next few months will give her time to write, write, write!

I encourage you to check into her blog on a regular basis. You will see life from a different perspective…


  1. hooray for new dasha posts!!

  2. I agree!

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