Today was the day that we finally ventured into the new Domino’s restaurant…the first Domino’s in Ukraine, I think, and it’s just a few short blocks from our flat. We ordered three large pizzas for the six of us. When our friend Sasha asked for suggestions on toppings I KNEW that I had to try pepperoni. Pepperoni is NOT found on pizzas here and this order would be the ultimate test for Domino’s — is it REALLY Domino’s or is it a Ukrainian almost-the-same-but-not-quite-there pizza establishment? We actually have found some great pizza here, but none with real-deal pepperoni.

Sasha placed the order and then we looked up at a big screen in the corner. His name was listed there and the amount of time that remained until his order was ready. Good news to see that they were ‘in oven.’ (Do they do this now in the States as well?)

Sasha, Jim and I found a table and waited not just for the pizza but for three other guests. I have wanted to meet Chris Malone since I became aware of his Eli Project ministry. He and his wife and one of their sons are currently in Kyiv adopting yet another special needs child. You can follow along with their adoption progress on their family blog.

Sasha has been a friend of our family since Jim first rode with him on an adoption trip maybe six or seven years ago. (Jim was checking the children out medically and Sasha translated.) He is one of those men that can laugh at himself, with others, and yet takes seriously his work with finding parents for orphans in Ukraine.

I instigated this meeting today (knowing that Chris would soon be heading back to the U.S.), but didn’t realize that it was Sasha’s birthday until checking out facebook this morning. (One of the best parts of facebook is reminders of birthdays!) How fun to get to spend a birthday lunch with him!

Sasha, Jim, Chris, Blake, and Mary Ann

Happy birthday, Sasha! And it was great meeting you Chris, Mary Ann(e?) and Blake.



  1. It was a great time! And when we were walking down the street from the bus stop I was thinking…”I hope i that this domino’s place we are going is obvious to find.” Never dreaming that it was DOMINO’S pizza! Mary and Blake let out a yelp when they saw it. 🙂

    I’m so excited about what God is doing and that He is letting me in on a small piece of it!!

    Looking forward to the exciting things He will accomplish.

  2. domino’s! HA, how very cool!
    and thanks, now i am super excited about the eli project!

    (praying for the malone family!)

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