Five Crowns

Thursday evenings, Jim and I host a Bible study for two of our favorite people in the world…Toma and her mother Olga. We are working through the book of Mark using some questions from a study written by folks at Redeemer Pres in NYC. We’ve had some great discussions already and we’re still in Chapter 1!!

We start with dinner because our guests come straight from work. This is giving me an opportunity to try different soups! Today was the savory bean and spinach soup that I discovered last year at We’ve had chili. And we’ve had bean soup with kielbasa. (I’m open for suggestions for next week — any favorite soups out there?!)

And how fun for EVERYONE that Anna was on the phone when they walked in the door. Anna and Toma hadn’t talked to each other for MONTHS! Hopefully this will be a regular part of our Thursday evenings.

Tonight we played several hands of Five Crowns, a new card game for us but one that’s been around for awhile. It’s actually a lot of fun though you DO have to pay attention! The wild card changes with each round and I actually discarded a wild card! Ugh! Amazing that I was ahead as we called it an evening. (Jim was fortunate to have Milan check out his hand via skype and offer some suggestions. Is that really fair?!) Remember: The game isn’t over ’til the kings go wild.



  1. I play Five Crowns with the family I’m living with right now. “The game isn’t over ’til the kings go wild!” 😉

  2. i think that study sounds amazing! i have never studied Mark…

    never heard of this game!!! looks like one to add to game night in grand forks!


  3. It’s pretty quick. And very easy to learn. I like the idea that everyone gets one last chance to go out after the first person does. Second chances…I can always use those!!

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