Wonderful Wednesday

Today was simply a great Wednesday!

Nine pre-school children joined me for an English class at the community center…my second year working with these little ones. The hugs and laughter as we dance the Hokey Pokey…the seriousness of the competition to be the first one to Name That Color in English…the Bible reading (from the Jesus Storybook Bible) during our snack. Today’s letter? “F” Fruit. Family. Face. Fun!

The afternoon was spent with the HIV+ hospitalized children who are just thrilled to have a little change in their week. Who would have known that Bingo (using pictures) and Dominoes (using colors and numbers) would be such a huge hit among ALL ages? And who would have guessed how thrilled they would be to proudly wear the stickers that the champions get at the end of each game? (Thankful to all of you who have donated various stickers to our ministry over the years! They do not go to waste, I can promise you!!)

Alina was back to her normal self with me today. She had been a bit distant over the last several weeks…even turning and walking the other direction one day…but Jim was able to get her to laugh and eventually she joined us to play some games. She does NOT like to lose. She told us today that she wants to go to church with us again on Sunday. (She has missed the last several weeks because of dialysis.) She told Jim that she prays for us every day. And our two young teenagers who joined us at church this past week are also planning to go with us again. AND a great-grandmother and her great-grandson may also join us! Wow! Met a new patient and his mother…she encouraged me as I stumbled over Ukrainian conjugations…and I look forward to getting to know her better.

I pinch myself sometimes wondering whether it’s really me living in a foreign land loving on His precious children.

You just never know how God will use you.


  1. Sounds amazing!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. It is just such a joy!

  3. this post makes my heart sing!
    i would so love to spend a day-or a year-serving with you!


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