In memory of Lydia Schatz

Yesterday marked a year since the death of Lydia Schatz at the hands of her parents. There are so many layers of sadness in her story. Such a totally unnecessary death of a precious child. And brought on by following the teachings of To Train Up a Child as written by Michael and Debi Pearl of No Greater Joy Ministries.

tulipgirl posted this update yesterday. For additional information re this particular case, you will find links on tulipgirl’s site.

I grieve for all involved. It’s sickening, really. I cannot even imagine what this child lived through…nor can I imagine what her siblings must feel. Particularly the other adopted child. Please pray for the children.

And while you’re praying, please pray for the families and children who have yet to be connected. Several families are currently in Ukraine enduring the process to adopt one of God’s specially-created children. Unfortunately stories like Lydia’s cause concern to judges who make the final decision. Which of us would have denied her the chance to be part of a family? Who could know the outcome?

Remembering Lydia Schatz today.

And also praying for new families to be created.



  1. hopewellmomschoolagain says:

    I adopted my kids from Ukraine. I am praying for those families.

  2. Thank you for hearing the cries of the children and doing something about it!

  3. That was sweet of you. I live in their county. Their oldest daughter is doing well, but some days are very difficult for her. Please keep them all in your prayers.

  4. thanks for the reminder to pray for this tragedy of abuse AND the waiting orphans and families.


  1. […] In memory of Lydia Schatz by ukrainiac in which she gives a brief summary of the story and links to Tulip Girl’s post. […]

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