Snowman + puzzle

I love a challenging jigsaw puzzle. We’ve been known to spend hours way into the night pushing ourselves to get just one more piece of sky in place. Or whatever.

I hate to admit that I’ve become a bit of a puzzle snob because I hate to spend good money on a puzzle that is put together in one evening. For that reason, our family stopped buying puzzles with less than 1000 pieces unless there was something extra-special about the puzzle. You know, the picture on the box doesn’t match exactly with the picture on the puzzle. Or, some of my favorites have no edge pieces plus they add five extra pieces to the mix.

They’re fun to work on. And conversations around the table go from serious to silly to deep to slapstick…all in a short time. (Um…can conversations be slapstick or is slapstick confined to physical humor?)

We received two puzzles for Christmas this year. And we just finished the first one:

Snowman Cheer

I must say that I was quite surprised at how challenging this simple-looking puzzle was!

Thank you Kolya, Jeanne and Milan for hours of enjoyment! We even managed to suck a few friends into the challenge.



  1. fun fun! I haven’t done a puzzle in FOREVER!

    and CERTAINLY, conversation can be slapstick. (i said so!)

  2. Sounds like fun!

  3. hannah… in the summer, we’ll do a puzzle and let all 4 boys run wild outside :->

  4. Sounds like a plan, Hannah and Jeanne. And thanks for saying so re slapstick conversation.

    And, Vicky, yes indeed. It was fun.

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