Bunnies for Bugembe

Oh my goodness. My friend Hannah posted recently about a bunny she had received and also posted a picture. SUCH a cute little bunny. And, you know, I could totally want that bunny. But I don’t need it.

BUT it wasn’t until just now that I actually had time to read the post and click to website that explains a wonderful project that is raising money and PRAYERS for children in Uganda. And these bunnies are a central part.

Now, I really NEED that bunny. Not only will sweet Milan have a new precious little bunny, but a child in Uganda will benefit. Directly. And SOON those children will have Chalice herself among them. How wonderful is that?!

Bunny, bunny. I know you want a bunny. How many Easter baskets are going to need one of these bunnies this year? Go ahead and get yours ordered now!!

Love the bunny.

(Borrowed the pictures from Hannah’s blog. Thanks, Friend.)



  1. yes yes! wonderful and creative idea!

  2. marianna!! i am just now seeing this post! you are so very very thoughtful to have blogged about my bunnies project. thank you SO much! what an encouragement and pleasant surprise this is this morning.

    i am working on getting our website up as soon as possible so that we can start accepting orders again!

    not sure who darling little milan is but would be so happy to get a bunny in her hands when we’re up and running again.
    thank you dear friend. this means more than you know:)
    God bless you!!

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