Snow, snow, come again!

I thought that a move to Ukraine would result in, among other things, White Christmases, layers of blankets, snowed-in days of relaxed reading and feasting on hearty soups with crusty bread.


We’ve been here for 10 Christmases…not many were white. Our central heat keeps our flat so warm that I have to sleep with one foot out of the covers altogether. And the snowed-in days? Not here this year.

Seems as if all of OUR snow is falling in the States.

And I, for one, really miss it. I do NOT miss the layers of ice on the sidewalks causing a simple walk to the metro or store to be hazardous at best.

But I sure do miss the snow.

Please send a bit our way.



  1. We were told that Western WA was going to have a hard winter this year with lots of ice and snow. So far, we’ve had a few random snowy days but nothing significant. I have a friend who moved to NE Texas this year for school. She’s had more snow than us!

    I’m still hoping we get a good week of snowiness before spring…

  2. Not much snow to share . . . just cold . . . But somehow our cold seems to turn into snow everywhere else in the US.

  3. the layers of ice everywhere FREAK ME OUT. i “almost fall” every single day!

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