I believe I posted once upon a time about a little girl in need of a kidney transplant. We think she may have a donor — her aunt! Still waiting to be sure that medically this can work.

We found out today that kidney transplants are not done in Ukraine! For this to happen, the donor and recipient will need to go elsewhere. Of course, we’d like them to go to America.

Jim is doing research at this end and we will soon be in touch with folks in the States who might be able to help — Jim spoke of this possibility while we were Stateside last fall and we feel confident that such an operation may actually be donated by a physician and hospital. Amazing, eh?

We will need to come up with funds for passports, visas, transportation and some living expenses while in America. But that’s getting ahead of the game here…

Please, please pray for the details to come together. Please pray that the aunt is a close enough match for this to be a go.

Know that I will keep everyone in the loop. I am overwhelmed with joy (and a little fear) at the prospect of helping this operation become a reality.

Alina, you have no idea how many people are praying for you!



  1. Yay!!! So happy to hear her aunt may be a match! I have prayed for her often since you first posted about her.

    Please keep us updated!

  2. Keep praying, Vicky!

  3. Most definitely!

  4. adding her (again) to my list, also for logistics for travel for y’all:)

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