Once upon a time my blog had a blogroll on the sidebar.

It no longer has the blogroll. I’m not exactly sure when that took place. I’m not sure whether the links are ‘hidden’ somewhere in my blog (oh, if I only knew what I was doing!).

But, I will be returning some of my favorite sites to my sidebar. (Currently I am reading most of my favorites through google reader, so I never noticed they left my scene…)

Before I even have time to get that ‘little’ ‘simple’ project accomplished, I absolutely have to alert you to one of the most endearing sites out there. Always makes me smile.

Hannah has been a friend of mine for over a decade…can you believe that, Hannah?! I knew her back in the day…before she was married, before they adopted one of the cutest little boys on the planet (it’s HIS face that greets you when you open her blog!) Her sweet little family has moved away from Salisbury where we first met…but, thanks to the internet, we can stay in touch from cold cold North Dakota to chilly Ukraine!

She is currently running a giveaway on her blog and the winner will be chosen SATURDAY! Do not delay. Go to her blog. Enter the giveaway. (January 24 entry…can’t seem to make it link directly.) You’re going to need these to prepare for Valentine’s Day.

And may I win.

Oops, I mean…hope you win.




  1. wow.
    i am so flattered by your sweetness! made my day!
    i canNOT believe it has been over ten years since we met. thanks for loving me so well and being so patient. god is so good to us! looking forward to seeing y’all again someday! i love you!

  2. Love you, too, Hannah.

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