Peek through my lens…again

Do I dare actually declare that I am ONCE AGAIN going to attempt to post a picture a day on my other blog?

These are definitely NOT professional pictures, but simply pictures of people or places that I have seen over the days.

So…I uploaded a new shot today.

Here goes…



  1. Can’t wait to browse all the photos when I have time…whenever THAT happens. heh.

  2. Do you resize your photos to less than 1MB? I resize mine in Photoshop (any photo editing program will do I would think) to 1000 pixels maximum, and I have a much easier time. Also, I’ve noticed that WordPress doesn’t like TIFF formats; I have to make sure all my photos are in JPEG only. Hope it helps (I’d kinda like to see your pics as well!

  3. Thanks for even CONSIDERING looking through my photos. I am having fun with this particular ‘skin’ on wordpress because the frame color automatically changes to match the photo posted! Cool, eh?!

  4. Those monument park shots are wonderful!

  5. The monument shots really stood out in the fog that day. Some of them were MASSIVE…the better to intimidate, I’m sure! I’ll be posting a couple of them on this site soon.

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