Birthday time in Budapest

A lovely day in Budapest. Well, the weather hasn’t been much to write about — drizzly, foggy — but the company has been outstanding. Julie took us to an outdoor museum of sorts called the Monument Park. This park is a collection of monuments from throughout Hungary that had been erected during the Communist occupation. We were a bit surprised to see how many Hungarians were represented there.

We tried to purchase a book that explained the story behind each statue in English…but the seller had no change and we didn’t have the exact amount to purchase it. I am quite sure it would have added to our understanding!


(If you’re interested, I hope to upload many more statues to our flickr account…click on the photos on the sidebar to access the other photos…)

We returned to pick up James and the four of us went to lunch at a Hungarian restaurant in their neck of the woods. I won’t pronounce the name of the place — you can figure that out yourself, I think.

It SEEMS to say Krap Charred Restaurant?!

Three out of four of us had Hungarian goulash — what else? — and the fourth had Turkey Kiev. Seriously. Turkey Kiev. It looked great, but there was just no more room after the bowl of soup. What a tasty birthday lunch!

It seemed fitting to have a picture taken with the name of the restaurant etched into the stone step. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get their faces AND the stone until I requested that they squat down. What can I say?

Julie, James and Jim

It was most wonderful to spend time with the fabulous Lauderdales in their new home town of Budapest. Thanks for taking such good care of us. And thanks for the book recommendations. And thanks for listening. And thanks for the encouragement. And thanks for the wonderful insights and challenges. We had a most splendid time with you!

(And thanks to Will and Katia for sharing their parents with us!)



  1. what fun! sounds like an enjoyable time so far, praise the lord!

  2. Yes indeed!

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