Visa? No.

Bad news. After a crazy trip to the Ukraine embassy here in Budapest, we left without visas. What’s up with that?

We actually still have visas good for two more years, but there are some new regulations that require us to have a DIFFERENT visa to be able to register here. And if you don’t register here, you cannot stay longer than 90 days at a time. So, obviously, we want to be able to register.

We asked a bazillion questions to be sure we know exactly what is needed for our some-day return to the embassy. But, the truth of the matter is that the laws are all written in such a vague manner that they can be interpreted 100 different ways. Currently, the visa laws are being followed a bit differently from a couple of years ago.

After the disappointment of NOT being able to turn in our visa application, we chose to walk downhill for 1/2 hour or more to the train station. We checked with the ticket inspector to be sure our ticket was good for a specific train and we boarded. Confident that we knew what we were doing we called our hosts to let them know what time we should arrive in the town near them.

Heh. We missed our stop. Actually it was not the same stop where we left from earlier today. Apparently there are several trains that make similar trips, but they don’t always stop at each station. Once we realized our error, we quickly disembarked and once again called our hosts. We described where we were, spelled the name of the train station as best as we could without actually knowing any Hungarian letters, and we waited. Thankfully with a GPS they found us and returned us safely to their abode.

Hot tea with cheese and crackers and a crackling fire. A great way to end the afternoon.



  1. life is an adventure, for sure 🙂

  2. marianna! what a fancy exciting life you live! 😉
    thankful you arrived-finally-to your hosts!
    god is good, praying now for future visa details to be smooth!

  3. Thanks for the prayers. You know, life’s exciting wherever we may be…serving the King makes it so!

  4. We hit the same kind of snags in Budapest when trying to get visas to China. It was frustrating…but we were able to see more of the city with our extra time!

  5. Lindsey: Always something good out of our challenges!

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