Working frantically to get a newsletter out before we leave for Budapest…uh, that would be tomorrow! Found the right template. Jim is writing; I am editing and playing with the template. Also need to get the pictures either into a facebook album or a flickr album so that we can share more than the one or two pictures that will be part of the newsletter.

AND, trying to get a post written about our time in Lithuania before I experience the beautiful Hungary this week. (We’ll have access to internet during the week, so I HOPE that I will keep everyone current with events in Budapest. The whole week in Lithuania was internetless. Good for prayer time, reading, interacting.)

And we have a puzzle nearly completed that really needs to be finished before we board that plane.

The pressure is on.



  1. chuckling that the puzzle “needs to be finished before we board that plane” 🙂

    enjoy your visit, looking forward to hearing about it!

    also, please double check that I am on newsletter list…

  2. Wish I could help finish the puzzle. 🙂

  3. The newsletter went out. Hooray! The blogs have been written. But alas…the puzzle is STILL unfinished. Oh, and I finally remember that I needed to pack!!

    Pictures are still pending. It’s a 3-step process just to get them to my computer at this point…

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