Getting organized

As promised yesterday, I have rediscovered some favorite blogs and want to introduce some of them to you. Not all, today. Don’t worry.

One site that has issued a challenge for this year is called I’m an organizing junkie. Great name for an obviously well-organized young woman.

She is challenging those who wish to join to organize some small area of your home each week for 52 weeks. Specific areas. Not…the office. Not…my room. But more specifically…closet in my room. Drawers in the office. That type of thing. Of course, you’re welcome to list whatever size project you want to do each week.

One of my goals this year had been to purge. And purge a lot. We’re storing things for others (no problem) and also are hanging onto things that we MIGHT one day need. Why not give them to somebody who can use them NOW? Or, if that’s not possible, toss them.

I was just looking for an excuse to clear out a corner shafa in our flat here in Ukraine. When we arrived here, there were five of us. Now there are only two. When we arrived, we thought winters were going to be way colder and longer than they actually are! We brought all kinds of outerwear to protect us from the extreme elements.

Well, this is how the shafa looks these days. Ugh.

Entryway corner shafa

So, number 1 project is to get this under control.

First step, take everything out. Pitch what no one will ever want for whatever reason. Give away what you can…thankful for those who take supplies to the outlying villages because I gave two bags of winter clothing to them. I have more, but I wouldn’t want to take only a morning to do a weeklong project!

Put back what Jim and I will use. Take pictures of the rest of the collection to see whether any family members want them for sentimental reasons.


I noticed that as soon as these pictures were downloaded, my husband shifted several hats to ‘his’ collection. I’ll be waiting to hear from our children when they see this post…let me know what you’d like us to hang on to for you. If items aren’t claimed promptly, out the door they’ll go.

Scarves and winter hats

And so begins my year of purging. And organizing.

Anyone care to join me?

(Obviously this is NOT the finished product…but I HAVE started…just wait until NEXT week!)


  1. Almost all of those are my hats! I’d like the Bengals one and Chatham A’s. 🙂

    The First Night beanie is mine and if you can bring the grey scarf with with you, I’ll take it too.


  2. Just noticed my Buckeyes hat too… looking forward to getting this in my hands one day soon.

  3. Anna, double dare you, come and get them!!!

  4. I’ve safely moved those items (and ones that Jeanne claimed) into our To America drawer. It’s getting full!

  5. I remember with fondness following your “throw something away each day” journey… you may have just inspired me to tackle a closet, file drawer and…when warm weather arrives…the garage…ugh

    hope you are well!

  6. Oh, Wendy, that seems so long ago. Can’t remember how I got offtrack on that one…probably by leaving the country for a time. I need to declare my 52 areas…or at least my first few…so that I can hold myself accountable to them! 😮

    Let me know how your projects come along! We can inspire each other!!

  7. I am getting better at purging(If Bill isn’t around to drag things back out of the trash:-) I’m gonna help Mom this Spring with her attic. Will HER stuff end up in mine? I have mine to tackle.

    I no longer want to accept that my kids stuff needs to reside here. I’m ready for them to make decisions on what is REALLY important enough to be saved. (American Girl Dolls are okay; collections of “B” rated children’s books are not)

  8. Suzanne: Our kids retrieved some of their personal boxes from my sister’s attic (now that they’re living stateside for a time), and I think they must even wonder why some things were in the boxes. Important at the time; less so now.

    We still have things stored there…I have a list of what’s in each box/trunk. BOOKS are our biggest vice/blessing!!

  9. My husdband has tons of ball caps in piles all over the house. I dare not move them. Good luck with the 52 week challenge

  10. allysgrandma says:

    What is it with men and hats?? My husband has too many too! Baby steps, baby steps!

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