Wonderful Wednesdays

Okay. I know this is Thursday. But I want to blog about Wednesdays.

Wednesdays are one full day for me. But I would not want them any other way!

In the mornings I am privileged to visit a community center in Kyiv that caters to families who have been affected with the HIV virus. Not necessarily INfected, but definitely AFfected. I am the English teacher for pre-schoolers. Such fun!

Yesterday, I had only three children. Three little girls. And these girls were engaged in every bit of our morning. The letter C. We spoke of Colors, Crayons, we Counted Crayons, we Colored Cats and we enjoyed Candy Canes and Crescent-shaped Chocolate-filled Cookies. Gotta love the letter C.

I also am free to share about the Bible. I read excerpts of the Jesus Storybook Bible (translated on the spot by Anatoliy) and the children were wide-eyed listening to the excitement of Jesus’ birth. Can you imagine that God sent an angelic choir to the shepherds to announce the birth?

(SIDE NOTE: We (UMO) are helping fund the Jesus Storybook Bible translation project. It is soon to be translated into both Russian and Ukrainian. We are thrilled to be a small part of this work…)

When I arrive home from the center, I have just enough time to switch the contents of my ‘magic bag,’ before heading to the National Children’s Hospital to play with the children hospitalized on the HIV wing. Jim led the way with dominoes — children-style. Rather than simply dots, these dominoes have pictures, numbers, colors that all coordinate. So everything related to the number 5, for example, is orange. Pictures of 5 items. Or the number 5. Or FIVE written out. All will be framed in orange. Number 1: all is purple. It makes it easy for all ages and abilities to play. And the champion of each game receives a sticker…yesterday’s stickers featured a dancing Snoopy and a flitting Woodstock. The children laughed at such names…and I smiled as I heard them pronounce them. The joy on the faces of these children as we just act silly with them…even the grandmas relax and laugh after awhile. You can be sure they are a bit wary of the crazy Americans at first sight!

Last night we finished our evening with dinner out with Connie Fortunato, director of Music Camp International. We rarely get time with her — her schedule or our schedule always gets in the way — but we carved out a couple of hours for each other. It is so very exciting to hear what God is doing in her ministry and what He is doing in her family.

I truly love being out and about on Wednesdays, but I have to admit that I treasure the time when I get home. Read. Compute. (um, not numbers, but work on the computer). Skype. Talk with Jim. Dream with Jim.

Life is good.


  1. Lovely! I know those girls loved all the fun ‘C’ goodies you planned!
    So, how can WE help fund the translation, where can I send $$? email me *walkthruflames at gmail dot com*
    We LOVE the Jesus storybook bible! It is delightful and has given us parents a fresh perspective during our nightly reads with elijah;)

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