Music Camp International

Music Camp International. One of my favorite ministries. Californian Connie Fortunato runs camps in Ukraine and Romania and manages to teach an impressive repertoire to the children and then hires an orchestra to accompany the children. And she does it all in a week. The children and their parents are thrilled with the final performance.

Connie Fortunato

Sunday evening was the concert night for this year’s Christmas concert. We had just landed at the airport on Saturday night when we received a call asking if we wanted to attend the performance. I’m so glad we said yes.

The children were again impressive as they sang Christmas carols in different languages and then performed the children’s Messiah. In between these two sections, the audience was thrilled with the music of The Lee Trio — three incredibly talented sisters who made their Ukraine debut at this camp. Two of the girls were instructors during the camp (violin and cello) and one was the accompanying pianist. Such talent.

And such hearts. We were able to spend time with them at the reception following the performance. They were so interested in what WE were doing here. We’ve already talked about their next visit…

If these accomplished musicians show up in your neck of the woods, go ahead and get tickets. You will be glad you did. For more information about them and their music, check out their website: Their credentials are impressive.

And please consider supporting Connie’s work with the children in Ukraine and Romania. Her website is not currently functioning, but I expect it to be up and running again soon. Keep checking!

NOTE: Couldn’t seem to make The Lee Trio website link function properly. So, for more information, cut and paste the site in your browser…

Music Camp International’s site is due up anytime now!



  1. (having trouble with those links:/)

    what a cool thing, Connie sounds great!
    lee trio sounds wonderful too, nothing quite like siblings performing beautiful music together!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the Lee link. Couldn’t make the crazy link work, so I just posted their site: cut and paste.

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